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Holy Angels School is known for its welcoming feeling, its academic rigor, and successful extracurricular teams. While we are proud of all of these, our faith is what truly guides us and makes us a wonderful school and parish.

Our Community

Holy Angels School is a ministry of Holy Angels Parish, which is part of the NE7 family of parishes. While 70% of our students are Catholic, students of all faiths are welcome.

Faith Life

Every student at Holy Angels School takes Catholic religion class and is attends weekly Mass. Our second graders make their First Reconciliation and receive their First Holy Communion, and our eighth graders receive the sacrament of Confirmation.


While these are momentous occasions and events to be remembered and cherished, they are just a small part of what makes Holy Angels a Catholic school. Each day we pray before first period, before lunch, and whenever the Holy Spirit calls us. We participate in different prayer experiences such as daily Christian Meditation, praying the Rosary and spending time in Eucharistic adoration.

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