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Holy Angels School will prepare a diverse student body to become successful 21st century citizens in a global society through a rigorous and progressive education rooted in the traditional Catholic virtues of faith, hope, and charity.


Holy Angels School is a welcoming, faith-filled community of lifelong learners and compassionate leaders, dedicated to academic excellence and committed to living out the Catholic values by following Christ’s example through prayer, service, and love.

Core Values

  • We believe each person is respected and recognized as a unique, contributing member of the community.

  • We strive to foster total spiritual growth of people who are becoming witnesses to their faith through responsible, Christian choices and a close personal relationship with God.

  • Academic instruction is provided by a professional staff of certified educators who promote excellence in all fields of study.

  • Educators help each individual develop to their fullest potential through a variety of learning experiences.

  • Each student is encouraged and provided full opportunity for the recognition and expression of his or her talents.

  • Personal growth is encouraged in a warm, loving environment that stresses self-discipline, self-respect, and caring for others.

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